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Are you insured and DBS checked?

Yes, I am fully insured with Protectivity Insurance.  This also covers public liabilty insurance.  I am DBS checked.  My certificates are available at all meet and greet sessions for you to view.


How do you protect my keys?

All keys are marked with your pets name and have no paper trail that leads to your home address.  All keys are locked away in a secure cabinet.


How do I pay you?

This will be discussed at your meet and greet.   I accept BACS and cash. 


What is your cancellation policy?

I require 24 hours notice, however I understand sometimes things happen. Please give me as much notice as you can.  You may be charged for the cost of your booked service.


What happens when you are on holiday?

I currently have no cover for when I am on holiday. I will let all my long term customers know at the beginning of the year when I plan to take holidays so you can plan for them.  


You say you are animal first aid trained.  Will that mean my pet will not go to a vet?

In the event of an accident or illness, I will administer first aid to your pet. My next action will be to call you.  If I can not contact you, and I think your pet needs it, then I will take your pet to its registered vet.  As part of our contract you will need to sign a veterinary release form.  This will allow me to make a decision, on your behalf, for your pet (excluding euthanasia) up to a pre specified amount determined by you.


Does your insurance cover my vets fees?

No it does not. You must pay your vet fees.


Does my dog have to be innoculated to go out on walks with you?

It's a personal choice whether you choose to innoculate or not.  As I do not do group walks I am happy to walk unvaccinated dogs.  However all dog owners should be aware that regardless of whether your dog is vaccinated or not they may come into contact with unnocaulated dogs whilst we are out.  Please note puppies will not be walked until they have had their initial innoculations.