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Our luxury cat visit includes all the above plus ensuring spending time with your cat(s) giving them cuddles, company, fuss and grooming as needed.  Curtains can be opened and closed, mail collected, wheelie bins taken out, plants watered as needed.  When you book 4 or more continuous visits we will also ensure you have fresh milk and bread for your return. This is the perfect service for the pampered cat in your life and ideal if you have multiple cats. This is a 30-minute visit.

£8.00 for a pop in visit

an additional £2.00 per visit will be added for all for villages outside of Haverhill

£10.00 for a luxury cat feeding visit

Our Cat Feeding Charges  

Cat feeding is a bespoke service for your cat(s) in Haverhill and surrounding villages, starting from just £8.00 per visit.  This is an ideal service if your cat loves their home comforts and routine.


Lets be honest, cats rule the roost and we wouldn't have it any other way.  By booking Woofers Walkies we can ensure your cat has the same level of care that they have become accustomed to and that they deserve.


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Woofers Walkies Cat Feeding Service

We have 2 services to suit your budget and your cat(s) requirements.  You can choose from either a pop in visit or our luxury cat feeding visit. We charge per visit not per cat.

Our pop in visit is perfect for the independent cat. This includes feeding your cat, changing their water, changing/cleaning cat litter trays and checking on your cat to ensure that he or she is ok.  This visit will be up to a maximum of 15 minutes in total but could be less once the above has been completed.